I, Leonid Tugalev, was born in Riga, on the 8th of August, 1945.

My Byelorussian grandmother was a witch. My mother was engaged in witchcraft, too. My father had a snake’s wisdom, but the war made him nervous.

They are all now in the Kingdom of heaven.

I am a heathen. I believe in Nature.

I have been a workman at a sawmill, engineer in the Institute of Design, photographer for a magazine… Then I’ve had an architects bureau.

The first pictures I took were of rugby games. They were followed by portraits, or images, to be more exact. Vera, my wife, was modelling for me. Later came celebrities from the Latvian arts. Reportages. Lots of exhibitions. Many awards.

It is an old story. Looking back I can see I have worked well. I am satisfied. Because it was all done accurately, with no intricacy. No extras. Not a thing. Besides, I have this hunch. I don’t know what it is, but it would not let me rest.

That’s the whole point then. An excuse made for myself for being a photographer. Hoping the wizards of Byelorussian bogs won’t let me lie.