Time locks things in words. “Fermata” is a moment when time stops. A moment when words as a form lose their urgency, become unnecessary, fade under the weight of meanings nested in them and die as autumn leaves. Falling apart, they release from subconsciousness a pure feeling which once had buried.

For me, Fermata is a moment of calmness, an attempt to stop all things living and light through photography, to keep an emotion as it is, not letting it die among words by obtaining fatal completeness. It is an attempt to breathe life into stone and let it bloom.


Artyom Gerasimov was born in 1990 in a seaside town Jurmala and grew up in the capital of Latvia, Riga. Started taking photographs in 2008. Currently, he spends most of his time in Moscow, traveling all over Europe and back.

Pictures from the series ‘Fermata’ were taken in different countries and years on the way from Rome to Saint-Petersburg.